How to Fix Origin Setup Errors on Windows 10 for Gaming


Troubleshooting Origin Setup Errors and Slow Download Speeds on Windows 10

As avid Windows 10 gamers, we know how frustrating it can be when Origin encounters setup errors or exhibits slow download speeds. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through proven solutions to fix the most common Origin issues on Windows 10, leveraging insights from experienced users in gaming forums. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to game without limitations.

Resolving Origin Setup Errors

One of the most exasperating Origin errors on Windows 10 manifests during initial setup, preventing installation. You may encounter error messages stating "msvcp140.dll was not found" or "vcruntime140.dll was not found". To address these Origin setup errors, attempt the following fixes:

Reinstall the Latest Origin Version

Frequently, Origin setup errors stem from corrupted or outdated client files. Uninstall Origin through the Control Panel or Settings app. Then visit Origin’s website to download the newest version and retry installation. This often resolves underlying issues.

Update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Missing DLL files like msvcp140.dll indicate a damaged Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package. Download and reinstall the 2015 Redistributable to restore these vital DLLs. Once finished, Origin should install seamlessly.

Run Origin Setup as Administrator

Insufficient user permissions during setup can generate frustrating errors. Right-click the OriginThinSetupInternal.exe file and select "Run as Administrator". Running setup as admin grants the heightened permissions necessary for smooth installation.

Troubleshoot with Compatibility Mode

Incompatible software environments frequently disrupt Origin. Access OriginThinSetupInternal.exe’s properties and check "Run this program in compatibility mode". Choosing a prior Windows version often supplies the backward compatibility Origin requires.

With these fixes, you can conquer the most stubborn Origin setup errors on Windows 10. Now let’s discuss solutions for slow Origin download speeds.

Improving Slow Origin Download Speeds

Sluggish Origin download speeds demolish gaming excitement. Before blaming Origin, analyze your network environment. If connection issues are eliminated, implement the following optimizations:

Update Network Adapter Drivers

Outdated network adapter drivers throttling your internet are a common culprit behind pokey Origin downloads. Visit your manufacturer’s website to find the newest drivers. Install these optimized drivers to breathe new life into download speeds.

Run Origin as Administrator

Granting Origin elevated privilege can maximize download performance. Right-click the Origin icon and choose "Run as administrator". This circumvents restrictions that potentially inhibit download speeds.

Enable Auto Negotiation on Network Adapter

Auto-negotiation allows network adapters to automatically optimize settings like speed. Ensure this feature is enabled for top theoretical speeds. If disabled, manually configure adapter for maximum throughput.

Clean Boot Your PC

Conflicting software often bogs down Origin downloads. Perform a clean boot to isolate services and startup items. If speeds improve, reenable apps selectively until finding and addressing the problematic program.

With a focused troubleshooting approach, you can overcome sluggish Origin download speeds. We hope these tips allow you to game on Windows 10 with the performance Origin was designed to deliver. Let us know if any additional slowdowns hamper your experience and we’ll work together to find smooth solutions. Game on!